Rowan Lacy Scarf

WIP- Rowan Lacy Scarf

I guess I’ve been invigorated to knit, so I picked up this WIP I’ve had forever and finally decided to finish it once and for all. I’m not usually like that, once I start a project I work on it every night while watching tv or a movie. I started this scarf last year, must have been in the fall or early winter (sigh). I had the intention to finish it and I was so excited I would have a bright pink scarf (I’m using Rowan Kid Silk Haze double stranded on #9 needles). I think what stopped me was that Tom threw away the ribbon yarn that goes on the edges. He didn’t mean to, they were in a bag that apparently he didn’t look inside of before throwing away. That was months ago and it kind of killed this scarf for me. I figure now I’ll finish it and he’ll have to buy me the replacement ribbon yarn so that it is properly complete.

WIP-with pattern

Another pic of the scarf, this time with a pic of a finished version. I started the scarf before I found Exquisite Little Knits. The owner of my lys (Woolplay in Haddonfield) gave me a copy of her pattern (the scarf was one of the examples she had up). They use a different yarn in the book, but they have that ribbon yarn I once had. P.S. When did Amazon start looking like a blog?

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