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friday favorites

if you actually made it all the way through yesterday’s video, thank you! I guess I can go on and on about my projects and chicken wings apparently. the poor black cardigan did get a little more attention since and I finally joined the fronts to the back. I’m already two inches into the body and I’m definitely not going to make it in time for this artic blast we’re having this weekend. but sitting by the fire with a drink and some bulky yarn in hand isn’t so bad either.

in the video (I have this mental block on calling it a podcast) I wonder why no one knits brioche blankets. and what pops up today but a BRIOCHE BLANKET!!  Continue Reading

it was only supposed to be 10 minutes!

hi guys! I just wanted to do a quick little video that somehow turned into a long video. hopefully I don’t ramble too long and my congestion isn’t too annoying (I apologize for that!).

patterns mentioned: 

put the kettle on

waiting for rain

askews me shawl

my cashmere hat 

howl cat

yarns mentioned: 

crown mountain farms sock hop

the plucky knitter snug fingering

cascade eco+

hedgehog fibres merino dk

bijou spun Himalayan Trail

the plucky knitter bello (which I call a cashmere silk blend but it’s a cashmere merino blend! I don’t know what I was thinking!)

elsa wool woolen spun cormo

needles mentioned: 

kollage square double pointed needles

knitter’s pride karbonz

knitter’s pride cubics

stores mentioned:

do ewe knit


recipe mentioned: 

chefsteps chicken wings

and the wing bowl!




friday favorites

sometimes I wish that the knitting community followed a release schedule like the music or movie industries. let’s pick one day of the week where all of that week’s patterns are released. but if I’m being honest, I’m totally full of it, because I love looking through new designs every day. there are just so many! can we slow down a bit?

here are some of my favorites from this week.  Continue Reading


skeino miss grace shawl

I’ve found that lately I don’t want to make decisions.

ok, out of context that sounds a little crazy or like I’ve given up on life. I just mean that I rather have google play pick a playlist out for me when I want to listen to music, nevermind the giant music library I’ve amassed. Netflix annoys me because I just want to watch something, not go through every genre to pick something. that’s probably why I watch so much hgtv when I can, it’s just easy and who doesn’t love a good property brothers marathon? with knitting, I’ve found myself looking at kits. it’s kind of nice to have someone do all the heavy lifting for you: here’s a pattern, here are a few coordinating skeins, go knit! this is especially true when you’re like me and love casting on every other stripey shawl you see.

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