can you indulge me a bit today? I’m going to go on and on about yarn in this post and may not even get to a point. at least you’ll have pretty pictures to look at. with that warning….

lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about woolen spun yarns and some leans to the negative. it seems that as soon as one person deems something “rustic” (more on that later) then people immediately think it is scratchy and not for them. this is so sad to me since to me woolen spun yarns are what I think of when I think of wool. the slick worsted spun yarns have their place, but do you really want every single project you knit or crochet to be exactly the same?

plucky elsa bt

“woolen spun” doesn’t mean one thing, there are variations within the process. all three skeins above are woolen spun, but they couldn’t  look and feel more different. some of it has to do with the differences in fibers, but it also has to do with the decisions each brand and mill made along the way. in the most basic sense, when spinning woolen the individual fibers vary in length and directions. they overlap each other at varying angles which creates air spaces between the fibers.  in worsted spinning,  the fibers are roughly the same length and run parallel to each other which leaves little space between the fibers. one of the best articles I’ve read on woolen vs worsted spinning is this interview with Sue Blacker. Continue Reading


color craving

for 12 years I swore up and down that I wasn’t interested in colorwork and that I wouldn’t enjoy knitting or wearing it. I’m finally ready to admit that I couldn’t  have been more wrong.

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this is a knitting blog!

so why don’t I actually write a post about what I’m working on? genius right?

as I was grabbing my knitting basket to take pictures I noticed a few things: I don’t have any socks on the needles(!), I’m using some form of plucky yarn in all my projects, and I’m using three different types of needles. Continue Reading


a little embarrassed

I’ll be honest, sometimes I find the whole online (actually, I won’t limit this to just online since this has happened to me while sitting across someone) sharing of projects a little weird. I don’t mean the actual sharing, I love looking at what you all are working on, but rather some people’s reactions to what everyone is up to. there are some people that don’t care or even notice you’ve finished something (why follow me on every social media site if you aren’t going to interact with me in any way?) and that’s fine if a little odd. then there’s the group that gets a negative reaction from all your projects. I don’t want to say “angry” because I would hate to think sewing or knitting could get someone so riled up. there seem to be two school of thoughts in this group (maybe there are more, let me know what you think!): you knit too much of a thing (or just knitting the thing at all is seen as an affront) or you knit too much in general. Continue Reading